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Why Own a Burglar Alarm

Why Own a Burglar Alarm

In this topsy turvy world, ensuring the safety and protection of your home and loved ones truly does matter. Being prepared is the best solution. That’s why, it might be wise to start checking the costs and monitoring rates associated with installing and maintaining a burglar alarm system. Here’s why:

1) Keep intruders out

The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ says that there were about 15.3 million property victimizations in 2014. While the numbers have shown a drop in property crimes, 15.3 million is still a colossal amount of loss and makes home invasions and burglaries a common problem and threat for home owners everywhere. One way to keep them out is by installing a good burglar alarm system. Putting a system in place can discourage intruders from going anywhere near your home or family.

2) Have an early warning sign

A burglar system makes it possible for you to know if someone has breached the property or not, waking you up at night and giving you time to prepare for a possible home invasion. This includes barricading yourself and your loved ones in your home until help arrives. With a warning system, you and your loved ones won’t be caught unawares, reducing the threat and danger to your safety and to those of your family.

3) Works with other systems

Installing a burglar alarm along with other security features gives you the best kind of security system out there. Aside from burglar alarms, you can put in fire alarms, CCTV access and other features. This will improve your security system and provide you with the means to keep your valuables, property and loved ones safe in the best way possible. Since plenty of these burglar alarms are compatible with security systems, it’ll be easy for you to find one to match your existing system or to buy one that’s already part of a security package.

Essential Tips

Choosing the right alarm is crucial. Find a credible service provider so you can rest easy, knowing you’re investing in a top-of-the-line system. Consider fine choices like the Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. Do your research to make sure you won’t end up with a Mickey Mouse system or one that’s so easy for burglars to get around of that it’s practically useless. Consider the monitoring expenses as well, not just the buying costs. After all, you’ll need to keep your system up-to-date to keep it working in tip-top shape. And lastly, be sure to have a pro handle the installation for you for convenient, fast and hassle-free results.

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