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CDS Security services nearly all fire alarm systems

Click on the following Silent Knight link to download a brochure on one of the popular commercial fire alarm systems we recommend. Please contact us for a free estimate on installing a fire alarm in your home or business.

If a fire breaks out it could destroy your business, home, your valuables or worse – someone’s life . The best way to prevent that loss is through an early warning system and that can be accomplished by installing a fire alarm system in your home or business.

    Some of the major benefits of installation of fire alarms are as follows:

  • Safety is the most important reason for installing a fire alarm in your home or business. Often, a smoke detector can alert you in time to resolve the problem before an actual fire breaks out.
  • Secondly, CDS monitoring services relays prompt messages to the appropriate agencies, speeding their response time and minimizing damage.
  • Thirdly, the installation of a fire alarm system increases the resale value of your home or business.
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Fire alarms are necessary in busy places such as shopping malls, schools and office buildings. At the sound of that siren, people can quickly be moved out safety and the lives of many are saved while at the same time the appropriate agencies are being notified through the monitoring system. Cell phone back-up systems for the fire monitoring services are also available.

A fire alarm is a cost effective way to ensure that your assets are protected. Early detection and notification, before a fire gets out of control, can provide the opportunity to safely extinguish the fire or move your valuables out in time.

State of the art monitors are built into quality fire alarms, ensuring that the battery back-up system is charged and functioning. Strobe lights can also be utilized in conjunction with fire alarms to enhance the notification process.

Fire alarm systems have thus become an essential part of the security measures in public places such as restaurants, hotels, concert halls, and movie theaters provide a greater measure of safety and security.